Qatar Invests in Human Security and Development

Qatar became a “launch partner” with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Accelerator Labs by investing 36 million dollars. The two-year commitment will provide support to both the UNDP’s resources and to help fund the Accelerator Labs. The Accelerator Labs will promote the advancement of the Sustainable Development (SDG) Goals in 60 developing countries and will be launched in January 2019.

Qatar’s contribution will help to connect the UNDP’s global network and development expertise to local governments, entrepreneurs, academics, and civil society. This collaboration will also engage young Qatari professionals in the UN’s work as Junior Professional Officers.

Mr. Khalifa Al-Kuwari, the Director General of the Qatar Fund for Development stated, "We are proud to collaborate with such an important partner to contribute to bridging the gap between humanitarian and development work. We look forward to continuing this collaboration with UNDP to address the underlying risks and enhance resilience to crises.”

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