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Prof Ivanova is a keynote speaker at the 25th Annual Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference

25th Annual Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference (MassURC) will be held on April 25, 2019, at Lincoln Campus Center, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Nearly 1,300 undergraduate students from all 28 Massachusetts public higher education institutions will deliver presentations among peers and the public. Center's Director, Professor Maria Ivanova, will deliver a keynote address titled "Individuals and Institutions: Leadership in Global Environmental Governance."

Global environmental problems are garnering increasing public and political attention around the world. Since the 1970s governments have created a number of international institutions to address such problems but only one – depletion of the ozone layer – has been effectively resolved. This talk will examine the individuals and institutions that have played a leadership role in global environmental governance and launch a discussion about the leadership needed for effective global governance.  

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