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Presentation of Center's new report in Nairobi

Report presentation in Nairobi

The Center’s team presented the International Environmental Governance: Accomplishments and Way Forward report during the second meeting of the working group on a Global Pact for the Environment. The Ministry of the Environment of Finland organized the side event held between plenary sessions. Representatives from 80 country delegations and civil society organizations from all around the world attended the session.

The event was moderated by Tony Clark, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of the Environment and Energy of Sweden. The Center was represented by – Maria Ivanova (connected remotely), Niko Urho, and Anna Dubrova who delivered a 30-minute presentation followed by comments from Victor Tafur, Adjunct Professor of Law at Pace University and the head of International Council of Environmental Law, and Elizabeth Mrema, Head of Law Division at the United Nations Environment Program. The event concluded with a lively 20 minute Q&A session, during which audience gave positive feedback on the report and overall timeliness of the study in the context of a Global Pact for Environment process. More information about the launch event can be found on UNEP’s webpage.

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