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Inaugural Barcelona Innovation Day in Boston

May 31st marked the Inaugural Barcelona Innovation Day in Boston. The organizer, the Barcelona Science and Technology Diplomacy Hub (SciTech DiploHub), "is a nonprofit, independent, nonpartisan civil initiative led by an interdisciplinary, international team of scientists, engineers and foreign affairs and public policy professionals." With over 200 attendants, ranging from professionals, diplomatic missions, and technology companies, the Inaugural Barcelona Innovation Day generated a new alliance between Boston and Barcelona. In addition, SciTech DiploHub formally joined the Science and Technology Diplomatic Circle (S&TDC) Boston. This network unites, "other 60+ diplomatic missions in Boston that work on the scientific dimension of international relations." A host of Barcelona organizations, foundations, and private companies collaborated to sponsor this event.

Dr. Maria Ivanova, Associate Professor Of Global Governance and Director of the Center for Governance and Sustainability gave the day's Keynote Speech entitled, “City-led Science Diplomacy for Sustainable Development.” Her speech called for "constructive international partnerships" and connecting "across sectors, scales, and geographies." As a Center, we celebrate the success of the Inaugural Barcelona Innovation Day in Boston because it increased cutting-edge ideas, especially in the life sciences and AI, and jumpstarted new international cooperation.  

For international reporting on the event, click here:


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