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Dynamic Collaboration Provide New Perspectives

In 2013, then UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon created the UN Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to address complex and interdependent problems of sustainable development and poverty eradication. The Board fostered the collaboration of cutting-edge scientific findings from areas of expertise including the natural, social, and human sciences. These perspectives in collaboration with policy makers will provide in a comprehensive approach when addressing challenges in society. UNESCO established the board and will host its Secretariat to assist with reports, recommendations, and technical support.

At the 200th session of UNESCO’s Executive Board the SAB member presented their report with new sets of recommendations based on local knowledge and science for sustainable development. They also address the role of science and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These reports are linked below.

SAB Reports:

The Future of Scientific Advice to the United Nations Download the full report in English | Français | Español (pdf)

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