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Center for Sustainability and Government Celebrates UN75

On October 24, the United Nations celebrates its 75th anniversary! Created after the Second World War, in 1945, the United Nations has advanced peace and security, development, and human rights. It has championed the environment and sustainability agenda. In the 75th years since its creation, the United Nations has received the Nobel Peace Prize twelve times, including in October 2020 when the World Food Programme received the prize for its continued contribution to addressing world hunger.

Our team at the Center for Governance and Sustainability engaged in several events commemorating and advancing the work of the United Nations. Two special issues – of the journals Ethics & International Affairs and Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations – mark the 75th anniversary. Professor Maria Ivanova’s contributions provide insights into the role of the UN in tackling environmental governance.

In Ethics & International Affairs, see Ivanova’s article Fighting Fire with a Thermometer? Environmental Efforts of the United Nations. In this timely piece, she discusses the role that the United Nations Environment Programme has played in both shaping and supporting narratives and action on the environment. This article is complemented by an interview with Professor Margaret Karns of UMass Boston, the editor of the special issue, in a podcast and a video.

We also engaged in the UN75 Global Forum, which addressed the complex contemporary global challenges. Professor Ivanova participated in the Global Governance and the Emergence of Global Institutions for the 21st Century discussion.

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