Ten major environmental conventions with over 120 nation-state signatories each comprise the core set of international legal instruments for collective and coordinated action on global environmental challenges. To date, there has been no systematic assessment of whether countries are meeting their obligations or reliably reporting on their progress, however, and in some cases, it is unclear whether countries even have the policy mechanisms in place to implement and measure their commitments.


In response to this need, the Center for Governance and Sustainability at the University of Massachusetts Boston launched the Environmental Conventions Index, a research and outreach effort to assess the implementation of global environmental conventions. The Index fulfills two major analytical and outreach functions:


  • Data Analysis: we establish protocols to evaluate the level of compliance, implementation, and effectiveness of global environmental conventions.

  • Policy Space: we collaborate with officials from the convention secretariats and national governments as well as environmental governance experts to develop the data analysis framework and evaluate the policy application processes.

Environmental Conventions Index