2nd workshop on global governance of marine plastic litter and microplastics


14-15 January 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark



List of relevant documents


Main workshop documents:


Workshop agenda


Workshop outline


Draft Nordic report for a global agreement on marine plastic litter and microplastics


Summary of discussions of the 1st workshop (Reykjavik, Iceland, 16-17 September 2019)

UN Environment Assembly resolutions on marine plastics litter and microplastics:





UNEA-3 assessment: Combatting marine plastic litter and microplastics: an assessment of the effectiveness of relevant international, regional and subregional governance strategies and approaches:

Summary assessment

Full assessment


German Ministerial Roundtable on tackling global plastic pollution – Ways towards an international convention (Berlin, Germany, 15 October 2019):


Summary of German Ministerial Roundtable


Discussion paper: A treaty on plastic waste (Draft, 24th September 2019)