Workshop on the International Environmental Governance and a Global Pact for the Environment

29-30 November, New York

The Center for Governance and Sustainability is undertaking an assessment of progress to date in international environmental governance reform. With support from the Nordic Council of Ministers, the research team seeks to evaluate achievements and challenges for the reforms governments agreed to at the Rio+20 conference in 2012. In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Finland, we are convening experts and government officials in an effort to contribute to an analytical report in the run up to the UN Environment Assembly in March 2019.


The workshop on International Environmental Governance will take place on November 29-30, 2018 at the Permanent Mission of Finland to United Nations in New York, 605 Third Avenue, 35th Floor.


Background documents for the workshop are available on this page.




List of participants


Practical information

Rio +20 paragraphs 88 and 89


Thought starter 1 - UNEP Form


Thought starter 2 - UNEP Funding


Thought starter 3 - UNEP Functions


Thought starter 4 - Global Pact


Thought starter 5 - Synergies





Organizing team:

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