Global Environmental Governance

Senior Research Fellow, Niko Urho, analyzes and identifies key functions and elements of ten existing global commitment platforms for stimulating necessary actions from a wide array of actors around the globe and outlines recommendations to increase action to support the implementation of the forthcoming global agenda for chemicals and waste management beyond 2020.  


Senior Research Fellow, Stacy VanDeveer and Corey Johnson, explore Energy Regionalism in their new article, Energy Regionalisms in Theory and Practice, in the journal, Review of Policy Research.

Book Review of Hawks and Doves in Sudan's Armed Conflict

Senior Research Fellow, Nada Ali, reviews Suad Musa’s book, Hawks and Doves in Sudan’s Armed Conflict in the journal, Africa. Ali's provides an overview of the book while also offering a robust and critical analysis.

Nada Ali

At 50, the UN Environment Programme must lead again

Center Director, Maria Ivanova publishes a new article in Nature

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Sustainable Energy

Collective foresight and intelligence for sustainability

Center Director, Maria Ivanova, along with Sylvia L. R. Wood, Amy Luers, Jennifer Garard, Ajay Gambhir,  Kalpana Chaudhari, and Casey Cronin explore charting sustainable pathways that 'leaves no one behind' in their article in Global Sustainability.

Senior Research Fellow, Stacy VanDeveer, Florian Krampea and Farah Hegazi explore environmental peacebuilding in their new article, Sustaining peace through better resource governance: Three potential mechanisms for environmental peacebuilding, in the journal, World Development.

Fighting Fire with a Thermometer? Environmental Efforts of the United Nations

Center Director, Maria Ivanova publishes a new article in "The United Nations at Seventy-Five: Looking Back to Look Forward"

The United Nations at 75: Looking Back to Look Forward, Episode 2, with Maria Ivanova

Our team at the Center for Governance and Sustainability engaged in several events commemorating and advancing the work of the United Nations.

Interconnected world needs ways to turn alarm bells into action

Center Director, Maria Ivanova publishes a new article with Amy Luers.

Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements: Rationale and Design of the Environmental Conventions Index

Center Director, Maria Ivanova and Natalia Escobar--Pemberthy explore the evaluate environmental conventions.