Harris Gleckman

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A sociologist by training, Harris Gleckman’s professional experience crosses the disciplines of international policy, economics, trade, environment, and global governance.

As Chief of the Environment Unit at the former UN Centre on Transnational Corporations, Gleckman worked on multinational corporations and the environment and the 1992 Rio Conference on Environment and Development. At UNCTAD, he served in the Geneva office of the UN Secretary-General and, as Chief of the NY UNCTAD office, was an advisor to the G77 during the run-up to the 2005 Heads of State Summit. Gleckman was also a senior advisor in the Office of the Executive Director on economic and political issues at the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference.


His current research is on (a) multistakeholder governance (see the 2012 Reader’s Guide to the World Economic Forum Global Redesign Initiative on UMass-Boston’s website and his 2018 book on Multistakeholder Governance and Democracy: A Global Challenge, Routledge) and (b)  a draft treaty on human rights and transnational corporations (see Counterbalancing Disproportionate Power,The Real News)


Outside the United Nations, Gleckman has worked with the Institute for Environmental Security (The Hague, 2005-2008) on global policy coherence as it impacts on the climate change process and with the Commission on Environmental Cooperation (Montreal, 1995-97).


He has been on the faculty of University of Maine Law School, Ramapo College, and Manhattan College. Currently, he is the director of Benchmark Environmental Consulting based in Cumberland, ME.