2019 International Environmental Governance Workshop

List of relevant documents:

1972 Stockholm Conference


ECOSOC resolution 1346 (XLV)


UN General Assembly resolution 2398 (XXIII)

Declaration of the United Nations Conference on Human Environment

Action Plan for the Human Environment

Resolution on Institutional and Financial Arrangements



1992 Rio Conference

UN General Assembly resolution 44/228


Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

Agenda 21

2002 Johannesburg Conference

UN General Assembly Resolution 55/199

Jonannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development


Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development

2012 Rio +20 Conference


UN General Assembly Resolution 66/197

The Future We Want


Agenda 2030 (adopted at a high-level plenary meeting of UN General Assembly in 2015)


UNEP's role in implementing the sustainability agenda and mandates for Stockholm+50


2016 UNEP/EA.2/Res5 Delivering on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

2019 UNEP/EA.4/2 Provisional agenda, date and venue of the fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly

2019 UNEP/EA.4/Res23 Keeping the world environment under review: enhancing the United Nations Environment Programme science-policy interface and endorsement of the Global Environment Outlook

2018 Report of UN Secretary-General "Gaps in International Environmental Law and Environment-Related Instruments: Towards a Global Pact for the Environment." UN Doc. A/73/419

2019 Recommendations adopted by the Working Group under the UN General Assembly resolution 72/277 "Towards a Global Pact for the Environment"

Intersessional Review Process of UNEP’s Governance 

2019 UNEP/EA.4/1 Programme of work and budget for the biennium 2020–2021

2019 UNEP/EA.4/2 Provisional agenda, date and venue of the fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly

2019 UNEP/EA.4/Res22 Implementation and follow-up of United Nations Environment Assembly resolutions

Evolution of UNEP's mandate


1972 UN General Assembly Resolution 2997(XXVII) Institutional and financial arrangements for international environmental cooperation

1997 UNEP Governing Council Decision 19/2 "Nairobi Declaration on the Role and Mandate of the United Nations Environment Programme"

2000 Malmö Ministerial Declaration

2002 UNEP Governing Council Decision SS.VII/1 International Environmental Governance

2005 Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building

2012 The Future We Want, paragraph 88

Reports from the previous IEG workshops

International Environmental Governance: Accomplishments and Way Forward (Nordic Council of Ministers, 2019)


Workshop on International Environmental Governance: Function and Interplay of UNEP Governing Bodies (Ittingen, Switzerland, June 2018) 

International Environmental Governance: Implementing Reform (Glion, Switzerland, June 2017)

UNEA-4: Assessment and Lessons Learned