Engaging Civil Society – Interview with Maria Ivanova

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An interview with GEG Project Director Maria Ivanova on Engaging Civil Society in Global Environmental Governance was recently published on The New Security Beat, a blog maintained by the staff of the Environmental Change and Security Program (ECSP) at the Woodrow Wilson Center. A momentum has started to build behind the idea of global environmental governance, much thanks to the involvement of various civil society groups and the dialogue between environmental policy makers and academia. Civil society have demanded a more substantial role in the design and execution of environmental policy, and there are signs that environmental leaders at the international level are listening. Read the full interview with Maria Ivanova on the future prospects for GEG, Rio+20 and how the environment-development dicothomy can be reframed through bold leadership and a mobilized civil society.

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Sara Svensson joined the GEG team in June 2010 working out of Gothenburg in Sweden. She spent the first half of 2011 working full-time in Boston with the GEG Project. Sara is a global youth representative in the UNEP Major Groups Facilitating Committee and the UNEP Civil Society Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance.
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