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UNEP Executive Directors Warn on Global Warming

Jun 30, 2009 No Comments by

Dr. Maurice Strong, the founding Executive Director of UNEP, explained to NTV Kenya correspondent Joe Ageyo, “The problems we identified 40 years ago, have now become far more acute” to the point where they literally threaten the future of life on Earth.

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Global Environmental Governance Forum: Introduction

Jun 29, 2009 No Comments by

Reporting on the Forum’s historic reunion of four former Executive Directors of UNEP and current UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner, NTV Kenya’s Joe Ageyo explains that for Forum is meant to bridge the gap between the founders of the environmental movement and the new generation that is stepping into their shoes. Watch NTV’s report introducing [...]

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New Original Documentary: The Quest for Symphony

Jun 21, 2009 No Comments by

The Quest for Symphony outlines the past, present, and future of global environmental governance in an engaging fifteen minute documentary centered on interviews with key participants at the 25th United Nations Environment Programme’s Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum in Nairobi, Kenya in February 2009. Produced by Maria Ivanova and Joe Ageyo, The Quest for Symphony [...]

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Kenya’s PM Gives Views on Copenhagen Climate Talks

Jun 20, 2009 No Comments by

Joe Ageyo interviews Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, to get his perspective on the Copenhagen Climate talks.

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World Environment Day 2009

Jun 14, 2009 2 Comments by

Each year on June 5, the United Nations commemorates World Environment Day to inspire “worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.” It was first established in 1972 to “mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.” This year’s theme is “Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change.” [...]

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Maria Ivanova, GEG Project Director, Selected to Represent North American Civil Society at the 2009 UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum in Nairobi

Jun 13, 2009 No Comments by

Members of the GEG team participated in UNEP’s North American Regional Civil Society Consultation held at the World Resources Institute on November 13-14, 2008. Professor Maria Ivanova co-facilitated a session on ecosystem management and environmental governance and was elected one of two North America regional representatives to the February 2009 UNEP Global Civil Society Forum [...]

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